Weekly Roundup and Analysis: AI+Climate Tech and Web3

This week’s roundup offers a succinct yet comprehensive overview of the latest developments in AI+Climate Tech and Web3. It highlights AI’s increasing role in climate solutions, from tracking methane emissions to aiding in wildfire prevention and controlled burn management. In the realm of Web3, the focus shifts to the Asia-Pacific region’s surge in innovation, significant investments in Web3 media, landmark blockchain events, and the fusion of traditional finance with decentralized finance. Additionally, regulatory advancements in crypto trading and licensing reveal the region’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for blockchain technology.

AI for Climate Solutions:

AI has been increasingly adopted in climate solutions. Industries have utilized AI for tasks ranging from pollution detection to wildfire prevention. Sasha Luccioni, climate lead at Hugging Face, emphasized AI’s role in processing climate data but cautioned about its energy usage and carbon footprint.

AI in Methane Emission Tracking:

Researchers and companies are using AI to monitor global methane emissions, a significant global warming contributor, through satellite images. This technology helps in real-time tracking of methane release from various sources, including energy sectors and agriculture.

AI for Early Wildfire Detection:

A Berlin-based startup uses AI with sensors in forests for early detection of fires. This proactive approach aims to prevent small burns from escalating into larger wildfires, a crucial step given the increasing frequency of such disasters.

AI in Controlled Burns Management:

AI aids burn managers in gathering necessary information for conducting controlled burns safely. This includes assessing wind conditions and vegetation moisture, crucial for preventing uncontrollable fires.

AI’s Role in Green Tech Mining:

Facing a growing demand for minerals like cobalt and lithium, essential for solar panels and EVs, governments and companies are turning to AI for exploring critical minerals. This approach offers significant time savings in identifying potential mining areas.

APAC’s Leadership in Web3 Innovation:

The Asia-Pacific region has become a key player in Web3 innovation and adoption, from significant capital inflows to hosting major blockchain events. The region is playing a vital role in blending traditional and decentralized finance.

Strategic Investments in Web3 Media:

Singapore-based Foresight Ventures’s acquisition of The Block for $70 million illustrates significant investments in the Web3 media space. This move underscores the rising influence of APAC in the global Web3 narrative.

Traditional Finance Meets DeFi in APAC:

Financial institutions in APAC, like UBS and HSBC, are embracing DeFi, with HSBC tokenizing gold ownership. These moves reflect the region’s progressive approach to integrating digital assets with traditional financial systems.

Regulatory Advancements in Crypto:

Hong Kong’s opening of crypto trading to retail investors and Singapore’s licensing to companies like Ripple and Coinbase signify the region’s commitment to fostering a conducive regulatory environment for crypto and blockchain.


This week’s roundup in AI+Climate Tech and Web3 sectors reflects a remarkable blend of technology with environmental efforts and the burgeoning role of the APAC region in shaping the future of blockchain and decentralized finance. These developments provide a comprehensive insight into the latest trends and innovations, ensuring readers are well-informed about the recent advancements in these interlinked fields.

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