Unlocking Growth with Binance Smart Chain: A Guide to the Builder Grant Program for Innovators

If you are open source frameworks, free developer tooling, BNB chain compatibility modules or other developer tooling and Infrastructure special contribute at Binance Smart Chain. You should considering apply Binance Smart Chain Builder Grant.

This grant program include funding, technical support, and community support. The value of this grant far exceeds the investment in your project, because since 2018, Binance has been the largest centralized exchange in the web3 ecosystem, it takes 50% trading volume of the entire ecosystem.


1. Strong funding: The website provides strong funding that can help projects achieve their development goals.
2. Experienced technical support: The website provides technical support from the Binance Smart Chain’s engineering and expert team, which has extensive experience.
3. Widespread community support: The website provides widespread community support that can help projects connect with the Binance Smart Chain community.


1. High competition: The website is highly competitive, and applicants must undergo rigorous review.
2. Long project cycle: It may take several months from application to funding.

How to apply?

1. Preparation: Projects should prepare their application materials in advance to improve their chances of approval.
2. Growing your community: Projects should actively interact with the Binance Smart Chain community to build good relationships.
3. Focused: Projects should stay focused and work hard to achieve their development goals.

Overall, the Binance Smart Chain Builder Grant Incubator Fund website is an important channel for projects in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to obtain funding and technical support. Projects can use the services provided by the website according to their own circumstances to achieve their development goals.

Specific suggestions:

For startup teams, they can start with small projects, accumulate experience and results, and then apply for incubation funds.
For teams with a certain foundation, they can focus on preparing the technical solutions and business plans of the project, highlighting the innovation and feasibility of the project.
For community projects, they can actively participate in Binance Smart Chain community activities to demonstrate the impact of the project.

Additional suggestions:

1. Projects should deeply understand the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and clearly define the positioning and goals of the project.
2. Projects should actively collaborate with other projects and developers in the Binance Smart Chain community to share resources and experience.
3. Projects should maintain good communication and keep in touch with the Binance Smart Chain Incubator Fund team in a timely manner.
I hope these suggestions are helpful.

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