Ulti Arena

About Ulti Arena

Ulti Arena (ULTI) is a community and NFT marketplace for Gaming Artists, Developers, Freelancers and Professionals that was shaped with the goal of empowering artists and creating opportunities for success. It’s a place where artists can connect with each other, present their works to friends, future projects and game enthusiasts.

We’d like to offer all of the artists, creators and dreamers in the Gaming industry an educational and inspirational snapshot of the field as of today. This is our offer back to the community we are trying to support. Our aim is to compile a platform to help Game Artists and Developers:

– Showcase their portfolio of Assets, UI’s and Music.

– Set up their own website, complete with merch, NFT’s, prints, artworks, 2D/3D assets- with beautiful predetermined themes.

– Get recognition from Game Development Companies, Projects, Games.

– Sell their products on the NFT marketplace.

– Freely communicate with each other through Discussion Boards.

– Learn through Webinars, Courses, Certifications.

– Earn ULTI Tokens through Community Mining (participation in Discussion Boards andother social events) as well as Proof-of-Gaming consensus (the more you play, themore you can earn ULTI Tokens).

– Create, play and enjoy the ULTI Metaverse: a blockchain-based game engine that allows creators to make their own games and enjoy benefits of sharing with Ulti Arena’s community of Artists, Developers and Gamers.

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