The Courage to Be Me: A Journey Beyond Society’s Expectations

The Courage to Be Me: A Journey Beyond Society’s Expectations

Everyone wants to have control over their time, but how and how difficult! ✨
In 2012, I moved to Beijing alone, struggling for a salary🏙️, which further fueled my desire to become a solopreneur.
In 2017, I finally took that step and began my journey as a solopreneur🚀.
After more than a year of exploration and practice, I gradually found the rhythm of being a solopreneur.
In 2018, during the business restructuring of my last employer, I seized the opportunity to officially say goodbye to my life as a salaried employee. 🌈
Becoming a formal solopreneur, I served as a consultant for startup companies.  By 2023, I had journeyed through six years of solopreneurship.

In 2024, I plan to expand my influence, sharing my experience and methods🤗, to help more people become solopreneurs.
If you wish, follow my pace and let’s achieve your dreams together! 🌟
If you’re still hesitating, unsure whether you can balance your income and expenses or achieve a richer life as a solopreneur, feel free to message me for a chat! 💬

In the very beginning, let me explain the entire framework of how I became a solopreneur. Essentially, I followed these steps last time:

Set the Right Goals for the Life and Results You Truly Want

My goal was to lead a carefree life, manage my own time, have a healthy body, a happy family life, and sufficient income to do things I’m interested in. I didn’t aim to earn a lot of money, so my life was more relaxed. You should also set your goals at the start. If you aim to be a very rich entrepreneur, you might not be able to afford such a leisurely schedule, as effort yields results. 🎯

Define Your Role as an Independent Entrepreneur

In my last entrepreneurial project, I positioned myself as a startup consultant, leveraging my extensive experience in this field. My approach differs from other online coaches; not everyone is cut out to be an influencer or excel in writing. Assess what you find interesting and what you can tirelessly engage in. This might be the ideal entrepreneurial role for you. 🌟

Manage Your Working Hours

In my previous venture, I dedicated myself to work from 8 PM to 11 PM each night. Initially, I still had a day job and only had free time in the evenings. In my second venture, while practicing and compiling teaching materials, I will kept the same work schedule. I wanted to arrange the rest of my time freely, indulging in hobbies like grocery shopping, fishing, dining with friends, or cycling in the park. Set up your own work schedule too. I was once a busy executive in a top global company, packed with endless meetings. Yet, a careful assessment revealed that the actual hours spent on productive work were less than three. Trust me, as a solopreneur, three focused hours are often enough. If you’re new to these tasks and tools, give yourself more time to get familiar. If you’re still employed, make the most of your evenings until your entrepreneurial income surpasses your salary. ⏰

Develop Your Services and Business Promotion

To be an independent entrepreneur, you need passion for your chosen industry and a desire to contribute. This helps showcase your expertise and value. I started by volunteering without focusing on income but on participation, building networks, collaborations, and friendships. Once your circle in the field is established and your expertise recognized, service demands naturally follow. 🌍

Set a Reward Model for Your Work

I’ve always followed a customer-friendly pricing strategy that allows me to have both active and passive income. Active income refers to the monthly revenue from the services you provide, while passive income continues even without your direct involvement. Over time, as you invest more effort into your work, passive income gradually increases. This approach allows clients to pay less initially, easing their budget pressures, while also ensuring I benefit from long-term business growth. 💰

Teach What You Learn, Share What You Earn

The time I spend organizing and sharing, and resetting to guide everyone step by step, stems from this belief. I compile the experiences and methods I’ve learned in practice, hoping to make the world a better place like me. As a startup consultant, whenever I earn, I don’t hesitate to share the profits with my partners, leading to more business and collaborations referred to me. 🤝

Practice for week 0:

Set a goal for yourself. Take a week to think clearly about the life you truly desire. Start with a clear goal! 🚀

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