OUR MISSION We want to enable Champions to identify their most loyal fans, unlock additional monetization possibilities and maximize the lifetime value of every fan by actively including them in the decision making process through voting with the unique Champion tokens. The Starzz ecosystem will further offer a wide array of products and services such as social media networking, live streaming, marketplace for merchandising and NFTs, marketing services, ticketing and many more.

Fans will finally have the power to influence the decisions and future of their favorite Champions, as well as a degree of interaction with them that they have never had access to before. We are also introducing a novel concept known as the Decentralized Autonomous Club, a sports club that is run democratically by all fans as a DAO. The purpose of the DAC is aligned with our main goal, which is to bring the decision power back where it belongs — in the hands of the fans.
Voting with Champion tokens

We are introducing unique tokens for every Champion that will give voting rights to its holders and will be tradable on the Starzz exchange.

Social media network

Our social media network will offer multiple tools for advanced interaction between fans and Champions.


The marketplace will offer multiple product and service listings including NFTs, ticketing and unique merchandise.

We are implementing multiple incentive mechanisms and an Ambassador program that will continuously reward users.

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