Smart business model — Turning consumers into partners!

“Those who win customers win the world”. There was a female entrepreneur in Southern China who was going to open a Karaoke. She designed a business model. Before the opening, she hung a billboard at the entrance of Karaoke, which said that she was recruiting a hundred partners, each of whom would only charge $10,000 to become a partner. people. What are the benefits of being a partner? 1. When you come to our store to make purchases, you can enjoy a consumption limit of $10,000. 2. As long as you bring friends over to make purchases in the future, 40% of the commission generated will be yours. 3. The company will spend 50% at the end of each year profits as dividends. After everyone knew this rule, they lined up to become this partner. This operation not only solved the financial problem, but also locked in the customer’s consumption for the whole year. At the same time, they did not have to worry about the problem of attracting customers. In this way, on the opening day, the beauty attracted customers. It was full, with more than one million in revenue in one day.

The emergence of generative AI has announced that most rational, systematic, and standardized work can be replaced by AI, and it can be done faster and better than humans. The only thing AI cannot do is have emotions, sensibility and empathy. Therefore, future business competition will not involve rational management work, because those can be executed by AI. To win, companies need more empathy for customers, partners and employees, and managing their emotion.

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