Smart business model — Turn employees into partners!!

A gym center does not pay coaches wages or provide accommodation, but these coaches work hard. How to achieve?

An woman in northern China invested $100,000 to setup a gym center and designed an innovative business model. When she was recruiting fitness coaches, she told them. You serve the customers well, our gym center will do the rest, include acquire customer, marketing and promotion. Then, all the service charge belong to you.

For example, if a client chooses your one-on-one private coaching, they pay $7,000 for your service. Then $7000 all belong to you.  But you only needs to pay a management fee of $800 to the gym center every month. As soon as this model was launched, it attracted many fitness coaches to come to work, because these coaches working here can earn several times more than other gym, if 40 coaches join this gym center. This entrepreneur can get $32,000 yuan in one month. This model allows the entrepreneur and the coaches to have no conflict of interest, and is deeply bound to these coaches.

These coaches work hard to make money for themselves and will try their best to provide good services. Therefore, the services of this gym are getting better and better. After the entrepreneur made money, she opened several more gym center using the same model in several other cities, earning more than 2 million a year.

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