About SafeCrypt

Instant Transactions
It takes less than 24 seconds for the trader to receive the desired cryptoasset.
Large Selection of Cryptoassets
More than 44 cryptocurrencies are already being accepted and hundreds yet to be added.
Risk-free Cryptoexchange is fail-safe by design. Traders retain control over their assets at all time.
Absolute Anonymity
Cascade data encrypting ensures the highest-standard security of the information possible.
Trader Oriented Design
A intuitive and easy-to-use multifunctional user interface is designed to satisfy the traders.
Secure Cloud Environment
Temporarily storing transaction metadata ensures that every order is processed perfectly.


  • Fully automated transaction processing system
  • Multi-trader collective investment functionality (Co-op)
  • Dynamic bonus calculation system
  • ICO Manager platform
  • Mathematically verified economic model
  • Secure cloud network and data encryption methods

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