About Lynked.World

The Lynked.World ecosystem is a multi-faceted solution comprising of an entire application platform developed from the ground up to be able to harness the features of blockchain technologies. Our platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and comprises of feature-rich modules solving real-life problems around trust and authenticity of digital identities, documents, and data for both consumers and corporates alike.

The development platform offered by us empowers any organization to easily create forms, and fluidly deploy the same for multi-area usage. A good example being applications or request forms for different services – services that are intended to be provided by the organizations to consumers via our platform. All the while users will have access to the authenticated digital identities created in our environment thanks to our platform.

Continuing from the above example, a user can visit the profile of these organizations and can apply for any of the various services available, by digitally completing and signing an Application form. As an added benefit, the platform also supports the forms to be filled automatically from the user’s profile. Any document required for the purpose of the application can also be automatically attached from our digital wallet and submitted along with the signed form.

All of the existing social platforms offer simple networking without having any mechanism to enforce the trust and authenticity of user identity, data, and documents shared within the platform. In comparison, our platform is based on the core principals of trust and authenticity of digital persona and any digitally shared data. Apart from being a trusted network, our product portfolio has been built using state of the art concepts and technologies. We believe our feature-rich platform is well positioned to solve real-life problems spanning multiple industry verticals.


Some unique features of our platform are:

  • Easy to use configurable forms, with auto-fill and one-click submission.
  • Dynamic and Configurable profile for users and organizations.
  • Design and issue of blockchain based Digital access and ID card.
  • Design and issue of certificates verifiable on the blockchain.
  • Conveniently share documents with configurable QR Codes.
  • Verified and Trusted Professional Network – Users profiles with verified and authenticated identity, education and experience.
  • Instant Identity and Background Verification Platform.
  • Job Portal with access to thousands of verifiable profiles.
  • Application development platform – unlimited possibilities for our partners to build various applications enforcing trust and authenticity of digital identity and data, hosted on our ecosystem or connected externally using our APIs. e.g. Q-App, access management, attendance management, e-voting, multi-signature contract.
  • Secure login with Lynked.World digital identity.
  • All personal data and documents are stored on user’s device which greatly reduces the chances of data hack.

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