Legion Network

About Legion Network

The Best Of Blockchain In One Decentralised Super App ⭐ Metaverse ⭐ Collaborative NFT marketplace ⭐ Play to Earn ⭐ Watch to Earn ⭐ Innovative SaaS products

The world’s first collaborative NFT marketplace

Bluemoon is a user friendly NFT marketplace that will allow artists to collaborate with brands and the community. As well as buying and selling you can also create, compare, swap and rent NFTs!

Play games to earn crypto!

Legion Arcadia is a gaming platform where players can participate in daily challenges in order to win cash and NFT prizes. Players will also earn LGX for every game they play on the platform.

Watch to earn crypto!

An easy-to-use online watch to earn education platform with a myriad of seminars and lectures structured in a clear and precise way. It will allow everyone to create and upload their own online courses, workshops, podcasts with additional gamification features.

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