ICO Max is the world’s first complete, 100% regulatory compliant platform for investment and underwriting of Initial Coin Offerings offered in the world. The goal of ICO Max is to protect investors as much as possible from sub-standard quality ICO offerings, by providing an automated, convenient, transparent and fully legal platform. This platform is unique because it provides a mobile-device App that analyzes and evaluates shares of start-ups from the first day of their launch – all in real time. The global investment and underwriting Platform “ICO Max” is designed to bring together investors and traders interested in the dynamic, automatically updated analytics of Startup Issuers and purchasing/selling their shares (tokens) (“Startup Issuers”) in the early stages of project development. The driving force for investors is the unique algorithms for the valuation of Startup Issuer activities based on artificial Intelligence (“AI”), which are expressed in a dynamically updated valuation of third-party project’s tokens in fiat currency. ICO Max is also intended to be a global Platform for Startup Issuers to post information about their projects and thereby to increase the trust and knowledge of themselves and their companies by investors, and to attract the initial investment to launch the start-up. Security of the Platform design is based on smart contracts using Decentralized Autonomous Organization (“DAO”) ICO principles and can be used to promote, develop and maintain the start-ups that are registered on it with absolute security. The Platform offers the tools for automated asset management. The blockchain technology provides the transparency of information about Startup Issuers and their tokens presented on the Platform, as well as the voting of tokens holders and support the projects development in right direction. That is, the holders of tokens can perform classic corporate actions in Startup Issuers, such as the investment planning, the voting, the gathering of shareholders’ council, the participation in decision-making and advice, in which direction the start-up should be developed. The tokens of ICO Max also bring to its investors the dividends (where applicable) not only from the activities of ICO Max, but also from all the Startup Issuers registered on the Platform. The goal of Platform is to ensure the maximum protection of the rights of investors and their investments, which are provided with support before, during and after ICO.

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