How to get full access to AngelGroup list?

How to get full access to AngelGroup list?

OpenAngel aims to accelerate the collaboration of entrepreneurs, investors and influencers.

Our main goal are:

  • Provide all entrepreneurs with the most effective access to the right investors and influencers at the lowest cost.

  • Provide the most relaxed and timely entrepreneurial project consultation for all investors and investment institutions, and provide a one-stop communication platform for investors and entrepreneurs

  • Provide the latest project sources for all influencers and celebrities, so that they can conveniently and effectively find entrepreneurial projects they are interested in, communicate in a timely manner and negotiate cooperation.

  • On the premise that the platform can maintain efficient and sustainable operations, provide high-quality resources, content and services for free or at low prices as much as possible

  • Invite and select high-quality media, communities, intermediaries, consultants, technical services and exhibition companies to become partners and provide various professional services needed by entrepreneurs.

  • Provide a convenient and effective platform space for communication, communication, making friends, and comments for entrepreneurs and their circles.

As long as you become an Entrepreneur member, you will have access to all AngelGroup listings and information include contact email.   The procedure of becoming an Entrepreneur member as following:

  1. Start by signing up as an OpenAngel Classic member.  If you are not yet a classic member, click Register and the OpenAngel system will send an activation link in 5-10 minutes to the email you provided in the registration form.  Please check email and click on the activation link to activate your account with OpenAngel.   If you didn’t receive the activation email, please check your spam mailbox.

  2. If you are a Classic Member in OpenAngel, you can Login to continue the step 3.

  3. Submit your project, OpenAngel review team will review your project and publish it if everything is good.

  4. Then you can apply upgrade to Entrepreneur Membership

  5. You will access the full AngelGroup list once you have received your Entrepreneur membership approval message.

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