How does a water delivery boy earn $720K+ net profit in a year?

Most companies and families in China use large buckets of water for their hygienic drinking water. The capacity of each bucket is 20 liters or 25 liters.

A Shanghai boy who sells large buckets of water introduced a campaign, where every customer can receive a free large bucket of water every week.  Each bucket only requires a deposit of $10 and a shipping fee of $2 per bucket.   It’s reasonable and make sense for every customer.

Someone asked the boy, won’t you lose money?  Actually not, because he has collaboration with advertising companies to discuss cooperation.  Each bucket of water can have at least two ads.  Advertisers provide a subsidy of $5 per bucket.

The boy start from serve five districts area, each with at least one thousand companies or families.  By offering free water to customers, the boy dominated the local market in less than two months.  Later, due to the oversupply of large barrels of water, the shipping fee rose to $3, but there were still a large number of company ordering large bucket of water.  The boy earn $3 dollars from each bucket, he making huge money faster and faster.

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