Empowering Change: Simple Lifestyle Choices for a Greener Future

More and more people are really paying attention to the issue of global warming. I think it’s because everyone is becoming more aware of climate extremes. Influential people from around the world, both governmental and non-governmental, have also mobilized on the issue.

However, when I see everyone rushing to hold summits to discuss how to solve this problem, I also want to remind everyone that in addition to solving decarbonization through complex energy conversion technologies, there are actually some things that everyone needs It can be done. The simplest thing – reduce energy use. And this part affects 70% of carbon emissions. Humanity has consumed more energy this century than human civilization has consumed over the past several thousand years combined. Most of such huge energy consumption is to enjoy a more comfortable quality of life.

List some simple lifestyle habits that can instantly reduce your energy expenditure:
1. Almost all educational institutions still use paper books. Can we try using an e-book? Don’t tell me that using a tablet results in more energy consumption. I believe that most families already have tablets and buy them just to play games and watch TV shows. Households and regions that do not yet have tablets do not have high carbon emissions. So, there is no need to worry at all. Therefore, simply reading by tablet instead of paper-book significantly reduces energy consumption and reduces carbon emissions.
2. If carbon reduction advocates still use paper pamphlets or agendas to call on everyone to reduce carbon emissions, are they willing to use PDF or text files instead?
3. Would you like to attend a seminar? Aircraft and transportation are among the major sources of carbon emissions, and every workshop requires building space. After the meeting, the decorations were turned into garbage and a lot of paper materials had to be printed. Can an online meeting be used instead of a physical meeting?
4. How many exquisite lighting fixtures in your home have not been replaced with energy-saving LED lights?
5. Do you need to drive or ride a motorcycle when going out? Walk, bike or take public transportation instead.

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