OpenAngel Web3 & AI Acceleration Program

Mentoring as an Investment

OpenAngel launched a new acceleration and FA service in partnership with two large Chinese investor groups, each with approximately 800 investors.  We are looking for high quality projects with long term commitment.

What can a startup company get?

  • Grant one years mentoring service worth $120K.
  • Involve crypto investor relations on behalf of project IR role. 
  • Assist on outreach up to 100 investors per month.  Crypto VC, VC, Angel or Family office depends on project type and status.
  • Organize online investors meeting irregularly.  Project may online pitch up to 60 VCs/investors per quarter. 
  • Organize chat group with VC at telegram or Linkedin per VC request.  
  • Introduce potential business partner to project.
  • Assist on investment negotiate per project request.
  • Assist on Chinese market development include community, market agency, media, AMA, channel, business landing. 
  • Organize physical VC/partner meetup per request (travel and expense should be covered by project)
  • Arrange video interview and share to social network.

Evaluating and Criteria

  • Project have solid team. 
  • Endorsed by OpenAngel partners.
  • Project has lead VC or angel investor support.
  • Project well manage project operation, document preparation and presentation. 
  • Project company has setup and registered.
  • Project introduce team profile at Linkedin.
  • Project should participate to VC meet up organized by Advisor if VC show interested. 
  • Project should listed to at least 2 CEX within the service period, and not delisted before the service end.
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