A historic moment for Web3

In the rapidly evolving world of technology and finance, the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), Web3, blockchain technology, and Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) represents a major shift toward a more connected and advanced digital age. I’ve rounded up the week’s intricate relationships and synergies between cutting-edge technology and financial instruments.

AI and Web3 Innovations and Investments

Generative AI and Web3: The convergence of AI and Web3, particularly generative AI powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) like those developed by OpenAI, is drawing significant interest. Investments in this area surged to approximately $25 billion in 2023, reflecting the potential of a multi-trillion-dollar market. This growth trajectory is largely fueled by the success of models like ChatGPT.

OpenAI’s GPTs Store Launch: OpenAI has expanded its offering by launching a GPTs store. This development signifies a strategic move to make advanced AI models more accessible, potentially catalyzing further innovation and application of AI technologies across various sectors.

AI Dominance in Tech Investments

AI as a Central Investment Focus: AI continues to dominate the tech investment landscape. The integration of AI into a wide range of products and services is becoming increasingly commonplace, akin to the integration of mobile technology in the past. The resurgence in web3 financing, partly due to developments like the bitcoin ETF, complements this trend.

Notable Companies and Institutions

OpenAI: Played a pivotal role in the surge of interest and investment in AI, especially in generative AI and LLMs.

EOS Network Ventures: Invested $2.4M in NoahArk Tech Group, indicating active investments in the blockchain and Web3 space.

Market Trends

Venture Capital and IPOs: Despite a challenging market environment with higher interest rates and geopolitical tensions, there’s a projection of increased M&A activities, especially in AI acquisitions. Venture capital investing remains robust, particularly for AI businesses, which command a premium in valuations.

Web3 and Cryptocurrency: The crypto winter has pushed many companies towards generating revenue, and a resurgence is expected in the Web3 domain, especially with U.S. regulators moving forward with bitcoin ETFs. This shift is likely to cement the digital assets space as a part of traditional finance.


The technology sector continues to evolve rapidly, with AI and Web3 at the forefront of investment and innovation. The integration of AI in various applications and the resurgence of interest in Web3 and cryptocurrencies indicate a dynamic and evolving tech landscape.

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